Ghostly Hauntings on The Set of The Enfield Poltergeist

Ghostly Hauntings on The Set of The Enfield Poltergeist

May 4, 2015 Forteana, Ghosts and Entities 3 Comments 256 Views

Poltergeist, The Omen, Twilight Zone, and now, The Enfield Poltergeist. Now again, i seriously cannot blame ghosts for getting a bit irritable when a bunch of humans intrude into their normal lives and photograph away with their rights to privacy, I mean, everyone has a temper, right? Obviously, the Enfield Poltergeist, the dreaded malevolence that tormented the Hodgson family in the council house of Brimsdown, isn’t much for the cameras either.

I have certains doubts as to whether the Enfield “Poltergeist” was really poltergeist or demonic activity. The spirit apprently poissessed the Hodgson girl, janet, levitated her off her bed, and spooked the hell out of the family with a creepy malke voice. Classic Beezlebub, right? Anyhoo, Executive producer Jamie Campbell is now working on this latest project, the dramatization of the terrifying incidents that overawed the Hodgsons between 1977-79. the drama is supposed to be more like a documentation, with original witness statements, recordings, etc.

If you are lookin for stonecold evidence of a reincarnated haunting, you’ll probably be disappointed. As of yet, all the evidence that the actors on the set of The Enfield Poltergeist could provide as to supernormal phenomena is… a flickering camera! Yes. Campbell was heard saying: “Every time our photographer came on set his camera broke. It annoyed him, but terrified the rest of us.” So we have a malevolent entity that terrified and tormented an entire family, coming back from behind the covers, only to astound his spectors with a camera flicker, that too so scanty as to not even scare the camerman himself!?

I think many of you will form the conclusion that this is some sort of publicity tactic, though we may never know. Watch out for the noisy spirits, and leave your comments!

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