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No. This article is not about the age-old Rendlesham Forest Incident, the alleged UFO sighting that baffled the British military for decades to come. Although, that’s exactly what I was expecting when I saw this distinguished headline show up in my news feed. However, this case is in no way less bizarre.

In 1962, Donald McKenzie, a shepherd, had been looking over his livestock in the Scottish hillside, when he saw a weird box-shaped thingy lying on the grass. Suspicious, he reported it to the local authorities, and an investigation by the Royal Air Force followed.

When investigators emerged, they were baffled to find that the box was actually a human-sized capsule large enough to fit one person inside it. it was probably a kind of spacecraft. James Sims, who was in charge of the investigations, tried vehemently to contact his superiors on the matter, but he was swept aside and the whole thing quashed rather strangely.

While this would sound like your classic UFO Crash and Coverup, don’t reach any conclusions already. Author David Clarke, after going through heaps of declassified documents, finally found out that this “object” was actually the produce of a secret US Intelligence gathering experiment run by the CIA. In the days of the Cold War, the CIA had been using high-altitude balloons to photograpoh the Soviet Union from the top. The object in concern was one of these patrol balloons, which had flown miles off course and crashed into the hills.

David Clarke has officially debunked thi mystery in his latest book: How UFOs Conquered the World: The History of a Modern Myth. you can find out more about his new endeavour here.

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